We are part of the New York Genome Center in Lower Manhattan and the Department of Computer Science at Columbia University.

[01/14/16] Melissa Gymrek defending her thesis. Congradulation Dr. Gymrek!

[12/07/15] Nature Genetics publishes our manuscirpt on the contribution of STRs to gene expression.

[11/30/15] The Erlich lab is thrilled to organize the Jewish Genomics evening at NYGC!

[11/25/15] DNA.Land has reached 10,000 genomes!

[11/10/25] CBS5 covers the work at the Erlich lab.

[10/08/15] Nature and the Atlantic cover DNA.Land.

[10/08/15] DNA.Land is on the air!

[10/01/15] Our manuscript A vision for ubiquitous sequencing appears in Genome Research's 20th anniversary issue.

[09/31/15] The 1000Genomes project published the final paper together with data from our team (Thomas, Melissa, and Yaniv).

[09/02/15] Yaniv presents at the QB seminar series of CSHL

[09/01/15] Tris, Jie, and Richard join the group. Welcome!

[07/15/15] Yaniv presents at SMBE15

[06/29/15] Yaniv presents at the Gordon Research Conference on Quantitative Genetics & Genomics

[05/27/15] Thomas passes yet another thesis committee meeting!

[05/20/15] Yaniv presents at Stanford's Big Data in Biomedicine

[05/13/15] Yaniv presents at Columbia University's Systems Biology Seminar.

[05/07/15] Our manuscript A vision for ubiquitous sequencing is live on bioRxiv.

[05/04/15] Sophie Zaaijer joins the group!

[04/07/15] Yaniv presents at University of Chicago GGSB's seminar for the Student Selectet Speaker talk.

[04/02/15] Our manuscript Abundant contribution of short tandem repeats to gene expression variation in humans is live on bioRxiv.

[03/11/15] Yaniv presents at UW Department of Genomic Sciences' seminar for the Student Selected Speaker talk.

[02/25/15] Yaniv presents at the Plenary Session of AGBT2015.

[02/18/15] Yaniv gives the keynote at the Big Data and the Future of Research in the Digital Age workshop

[01/13/15] Melissa passes yet another sucessful thesis committee meeting

[05/01/15] The Erlich lab won a major NIJ award to develop robust methods for STR calling from high throughput sequencing datasets

[05/01/15] The Erlich lab moves to the NY Genome Center and Columbia University

[04/11/14] PLoS Biology publishes our paper that presents trust-centric framework for genetic privacy

[10/19/14] Yaniv presents in Crowdsourced genetics session in ASHG14.

[10/03/14] Yaniv interviews to the German Public Radio

[09/09/14] Congratulations to Thomas Willems for passing his PhD qualifying exam!

[09/02/14] Nature intreviews Yaniv on the new NIH guidelines for sharing genetic information

[08/15/14] Genome Research publishes our paper on the landscape of STR variation in human. Congratulations to Thomas, Melissa & Yaniv!

[08/01/14] Nature Methods publishes our work on iPipet. Congratulations to Dina, Gordy & Yaniv!

[06/18/14] Melissa presents her work on eSTRs at the GTEx project

[05/20/14] Yaniv presents his work on genetic privacy at Harvard's workshop "Your Genome: The Lens for Understanding the Challenges of Precision Medicine"

[05/14/14] Thomas presents his work on population scale STR catalog at DNA in Forensics 2014

[05/10/14] Yaniv presents at Biology of the Genomes 2014.

[05/09/14] PLoS One publishes our work on OTX2 in Hemifaical Microsomia. Congratulations to Dina, Melissa & Yaniv!

[05/08/14] Nature Reviews Genetics publishes our review on the hitchhicker guide to genome hacking

[05/07/14] Melissa presents her work on Expression STRs at Biology of the Genomes

[05/06/14] The Erlich lab goes to Biology of the Genomes 2014!

[05/01/14] Yaniv gives a Keynote presentation in the BioIT 2014 plenary session

[04/18/14] Eila Arich-Lankdof joins the team as a lab tech

[04/03/14] Yaniv presents at NY Genome Center

[04/02/14] The Erlich lab is pround to announce iPipet!

[03/07/14] Yaniv gives a seminar at 23andMe

[02/16/14] Yaniv presents in AAAS14 session on "Your Genome: to share or not to Share?"

[02/14/14] Yaniv presents in AGBT our work on Expression STRs.

[02/02/14] New York Times reviews the fruits of collaborative genealogy, including our on-going FamiLinx study.

[12/23/13] Technology Review also selects our paper on genetic privacy as one of the top stories of 2013.

[12/18/13] Nature selects two Erlich lab stories to feature on their overview of 2013!.

[12/16/13] Assaf Gordon, the man and the code, joins the Erlich lab! (it only took 7 months to get his visa).

[11/15/13] Yaniv presents in Charles River Privacy Day.

[11/2/13] Melissa and Yaniv present in CSHL meeting on Genome Informatics.

[10/29/13] FamiLinx is the hottest item in Reddit science wall.

[10/28/13] Nature covers FamiLinx.

[10/24/13] FamiLinx is on the air! Congrats to Joanna, Barak, Mona, Yaniv and our collaborators.

[10/23/13] Melissa is a predoctoral finalist of ASHG/Charles J. Epstein Trainee Awards for Excellencein Human Genetics Research!

[10/23/13] Erlich lab goes to ASHG!

[10/22/13] Tom presents in the 1000 Genomes meeting.

[10/11/13] "Routes for breaching and protecting genetic privacy" by Yaniv and Arvind Narayanan is posted on arXiv.

[10/11/13] Yaniv presents at the Privacy and Data disclosure workshop.

[09/26/13] Yaniv presents at the Consumer Genetics Conference.

[09/18/13] Melissa defends her thesis proposal!

[09/16/13] Yaniv and Joanna persent at the International Genetic Epidemiology Society (IGES) 2013.

[08/20/13] Yaniv gives a Plenary talk at the NGx meeting on Genetic Media.

[07/10/13] Yaniv persents in Harvard FAS Center.

[07/02/13] A new book chapter on STR calling by Melissa and Yaniv is published in Deep Sequencing Data Analysis

[06/28/13] Tom Willems joins the group.

[06/16/13] New York Times highlights the ErlichLab study in a review on genetic privacy issues.

[06/11/13] Dina and Yaniv present in the The Ashkenazi Genome Consortium meeting

[05/23/13] The ErlichLab recieves the 2013 Burroughs Wellcome Career Award

[05/17/13] Yaniv persents challanges in genetic privacy in Harvard Law School

[05/09/13] Nature publishes a profile on the Erlich lab.

[05/07/13] Pratheek Nagaraj wins the first place in EECScon for his URoP work in the Erlich lab.

[04/18/13] Science interviews Yaniv and Misha Angrist for a live chat on "Can We Keep Our Genomes Secret?"

[03/28/13] Columbia Journalism Review covers Yaniv Erlich comments on Hela sequencing controversy

[03/26/13] Yaniv interviews to Huffpost Live on HeLa-seq

[03/26/13] Science Insider covers Yaniv's comments on HeLa sequencing controversy

[03/23/13] Yaniv interviews to the NYT for Rebecca Skloot's story on HeLa sequencing controversy

[02/18/13] Yaniv presents in Illumina

[01/26/13] Yaniv presents in PMWC2013

[01/17/13] "Identifying Personal Genomes by Surname Inference" is published in Sciene. Congrats to Melissa and Yaniv.

[12/19/12] "Back to the family: a renewed approach to rare variant studies" is published in Genome Medicine. Congrats to Dina, Melissa, and Yaniv.

[12/02/13] Yaniv presents in the Institute for Genomics & Systems Biology of University Of Chicago

[11/06/13] Dina, Melissa, and Yaniv go to ASHG2012 to present their work!

[11/04/13] Barak Markus joins the group.

[10/01/12] Erlich lab and the MacArthur lab win the Broad SPRAC award for a joint study on Web 2.0 for genetic applications.

[07/09/12] Wall Street Jounral covers Erlich lab project on rare Jewish genetic disease.

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